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uPVC Windows Winchester

Here at Hampshire Bifolds, we’ve been supplying and installing thermally efficient, visually stunning uPVC windows to the Winchester area for many years. Why choose between form and function when our uPVC windows can provide both to your Winchester home? Get in touch today to find out more, or keep reading for more benefits that our uPVC windows could bring to your Winchester home.
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upvc windows winchester
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Double and Triple Glazed uPVC Windows

Double glazing is a standard component of our uPVC windows – as it should be! Modern double glazing laughs in the face of old school single glazing, and provides exceptional heat transfer control and insulation. This is achieved due to the way double glazing is constructed – it’s two layers of glass, separated by a thin layer of inert argon gas. As an inert gas, argon doesn’t conduct heat well, and so makes it very difficult for the heat to move through it. This means the heat will have to stay inside and keep your Winchester home warm!

And just as double glazing offers incredible benefits compared with single glazing, triple glazing takes the insulation and thermal efficiency even further, and quite literally provides an extra layer of protection to your Winchester home.

Slim Framework

Thanks to the robust uPVC we use, we’re able to provide narrow framing options, for a sleek look, and a maximised glazed area.

Energy Efficiency

Because our uPVC windows help insulate your Winchester home, you may not need as much central heating. That could mean lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint!

Versatile Design

Whether you prefer casement windows, flush casement windows, sliding windows, sash windows or something else entirely, we’ve got a range of styles to suit any Winchester home!

Multipoint Locks

Our uPVC windows feature multipoint locking mechanisms as standard, because we know that security is essential for your Winchester home.

Long Lasting

uPVC and double glazing are two inherently durable and sturdy construction materials. This helps them to last for an exceptionally long time!

Bespoke Options

All of our uPVC windows can be customised to best suit your Winchester home. This includes the colour, finish and hardware!

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uPVC Window Prices Winchester

Is your Winchester home ready to experience the style and performance that’s provided by our range of uPVC windows? Visit our online quoting engine now to get a free, bespoke quote!

pvcu windows winchester

Low Maintenance, Long Lasting uPVC Windows

Traditional timber windows certainly looked lovely, but at a pretty steep cost, as timber is quite prone to weather damage and general wear. Bowing,  bending, warping, bleaching, fading, rotting, damp – timber can and does suffer from it all at the hands of the ever changing British weather. But fortunately, with uPVC your Winchester home will be freed from all these worries! uPVC is naturally resistant to all of these issues, and will stand up to the British weather with ease!

Another chore that comes with traditional timber windows is the upkeep, with sanding, repainting, revarnishing and more required from time to time to keep things shipshape. But yet again, modern uPVC windows are free from this hassle! The only maintenance these resilient frames need is an occasional wipe with a damp cloth! Save your time for things that matter.


Highly Secure uPVC Windows

For almost all Winchester homeowners, security is the number one concern when they think about any home improvements. We know that this is so important, and we strive to ensure that all of our products will contribute to keeping your Winchester home a safer, more secure environment.

Our uPVC windows are no exception, and we kit them out with multipoint locking mechanisms as standard, to ensure that they can be locked up tight, and that they’ll stay locked when they’re locked!

Even better, because uPVC and double glazing are both hard, durable, tough materials, they are exceptionally difficult to physically break. This contributes to better security, as it significantly reduces the possibility of brute force break ins. And as an added bonus, it also makes them more thermally insulating!

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uPVC Window Prices Winchester

If you’re thinking about enhancing the thermal performance of your property, or boosting the style factor, our range of uPVC windows could be what you need. Get in touch with our friendly, expert team today to find out more about what we can do for you and your home, and to ask any questions you may have.

Alternatively, if your heart is already set on these fabulous uPVC profiles, why not head straight over to our online quoting engine to get a fast, free quote, tailored to your specifications?

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