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Aluminium Bifold Doors, Southampton & Hampshire

Hampshire Bifolds installs a signature range of aluminium bifold doors for our customers in Southampton, Hampshire and surrounding areas. A highly sought after profile option for both contemporary and traditional homes, design your own aluminium folding doors by contacting our team today, and receive a competitive quote. We source our bifold doors from industry leading suppliers, like Cortizo!
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Bifolding Doors Southampton
Aluminium Folding Doors Southampton, Hampshire

Aluminium Bifold Doors in Southampton

Aluminium bifold doors are a sleek, modern alternative to both traditional entrance doors and sliding patio doors. We install our bifolds in Waltham Chase, EastleighHedge End, Southampton, Hamble, Winchester, Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. Made from slimline aluminium frames, each folding section has a large amount of glass per frame, allowing in great amounts of natural light, even when closed. The main attraction of these doors is their wide opening, folding back in a concertina shape against the far wall and creating an opening that can be three times as wide as alternative systems.

Natural Light

Even when closed, your bifold doors allow in large amounts of natural light into your property.

Smooth Operation

The opening and closing of your bifold doors is smooth, running along an upper and lower track.

Space Saving

When completely opened up, your bifold doors fold up and sit against the wall to not impede space.

Natural Ventilation

When open, your aluminium bifold doors will allow for air to circulate, stopping it from becoming stuffy.

Highly Secure

The aluminium frames and tough double glazing prevent anyone from gaining access to your home.

Thermally Efficient

With double or triple glazing available, your bifold doors will trap warmth and prevent heat loss.


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Bifold Door Quotes Southampton, Hampshire

Aluminium Bifolds For Contemporary Southampton Homes

Aluminium bifold doors are an extremely sought after option for many properties in Southampton but are most popular for modern and contemporary properties and extensions. With large areas of glass and slimline frames, they are perfect for creating a smooth transition to garden areas, patios, and balconies. With a bold selection of colours for the frames, your bifold doors can suit both the interior and exterior designs of your property.

The aluminium bifold doors supplied to us can be designed bespoke to each customer’s requirements, making them unique to every home in Southampton. This can include not just the choice of colour, but additional hardware, glazing options, and even low thresholds for ease of access. Your new aluminium bifold doors can be fitted both to replace old patio doors, as well as stretch for the entire length of wall.

Regardless of how large you want your installation to be, you will be provided with a quality fitting that brings in natural light and ventilation. Our professional and highly experienced team of installers will work quickly to install your new aluminium bifold doors efficiently and with minimal disruption. We have decades of collective experience in the home improvement industry across Southampton and the surrounding areas, which we bring to every fitting that we perform.


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Saving the Environment, and Southampton Money

We work with four of the country’s leading manufacturers of aluminium bifold doors: Schuco, Origin, Dutemann and Smart to deliver high-quality products in Southampton. All three of these manufacturers provide aluminium bifold doors created to an extremely high standard, while still being environmentally conscious.

The aluminium bifold doors that we install are thermally efficient, fully recyclable, and long lasting. When installed, they can potentially help you save money on your energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

While such large areas of glass can look like they would lose a lot of heat, double and triple glazing works alongside thermally efficient frames to trap heat inside your home. Double glazing works by separating two panes of glass with a gas filled, vacuum sealed chamber that prevents heat from transferring through the glass. Optional triple glazing adds a third glass pane and a second chamber to help increase the protection against heat loss. Because of this, your aluminium bifold doors won’t allow in cold spots or leave you out of pocket with your energy bills.

The aluminium frames of your doors are also designed specifically to help prevent heat loss in your Southampton home. Your doors are manufactured to feature strategically placed thermal breaks throughout the frame. These thermally broken chambers trap pockets of warm air within the frame of your door, preventing more heat from transferring through the frame to the outside. It also stops cold air from coming in, preventing draughts, and protecting your home from developing damp in the future.

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